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Temple Review

Owls in the City

I did a freelance piece for the Winter 2010 issue of the Temple Review, Temple University’s alumni magazine. As part of the 1,00o-word feature, I tagged along with one of the university’s “Philadelphia Experience” classes, in which students use the city as their classroom.

An excerpt:

Students in Kenneth Finkel’s Philadelphia Arts & Culture lecture sat in Tuttleman Hall on Main Campus, craning their necks to study images of a Palladian window, a centuries-old architectural element.

After class, on a pleasant fall Friday, a group of students examined the windows in person. It was a month into the fall 2009 semester and Finkel, TYL ’74, ’78, distinguished lecturer in the Department of American Studies, led his students on an excursion to Fairmount Park’s historic Mount Pleasant home, a 225-year-old building once owned by Benedict Arnold.

It is all part of Philadelphia Experience, a curriculum in Gen Ed—Temple’s general education program—that allows students to fulfill core university requirements while they explore Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and cultural programs.

You can read the full text here.

About Shannon McDonald

Shannon McDonald is a Philadelphian and experienced reporter, editor, community manager and content marketer.


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